Not a queen, a khaleesi

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anorexia: a disappearing act


watching her
was like
watching a magician
we gawked
and cocked our
heads as she
made herself disappear

she created illusions
with clothes hung
like drapery over
that contained
the memories of
her smiles
and laughter
who she was

because being
anorexic was
never a fashion

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So long my dear friends


So, I know I did this before not too long ago for two months, and then came back for an insanely short period of time, but here I am now. So as most of you probably realized I haven’t posted in a good 3 weeks. I haven’t really trying to be off of tumblr, I just don’t had the urge to spend my time…

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Ours was the kind of love
That sent butterflies
Fluttering inside my stomach.

Ours was the kind of love
That sent shivers down my spine
And turned me weak in the knees.

Ours was the kind of love
That lived in borrowed phone calls,
Utterly lame jokes and laughter.

Ours was the kind of love
That drowned me and intoxicated me
With the tender way you speak my name.

Ours was the kind of love
That we never really even called love
In the first place.

If You Could Call It Love, ysabarro (via afewkeystrokes)

(via afewkeystrokes)

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From oceanic plates,


to traffic signs, from the roofs of skyscrapers,
to the basements below drowsy Mexican streets,
through Brazilian tenements and botched landscapes,

I see the face so vital in its place, so clear of silence,
a mind so layered by the touch, the world, the duality,
the multitudinous depths of…

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i put my screams in the holes of trees


My lips are stuck together from keeping silent for so long.
I looked up ‘okay’ in the dictionary yesterday.

The trees woke me up this morning
they were lonely-

(i was too)-
(so,) i came outside to be with them.

Their bark was chipping from people
throwing stones at them

i told them i knew the feeling.
Sticks and stones break bones

(if youre lucky)


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I know you don’t believe me
When I say that I’ve been in your shoes,
That I’ve been there before,
And darling I know you feel
Like a baby bird who’s had its wings broken
Just as it was learning how to fly,
In limbo, midway between
Your fragile home and a solid grass covered pillow.

See, I’ve…

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Orange Sky


I witnessed the row
Which threw your pride to the ground
(and it still sticks there)
I saw that brick smash your brow

And I am still there,
Standing on the crumbling ledge

You are falling,
Falling to the ground.
Red sky at night,
every night, every night.

Despite the sirens and the…

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you say you want
to be perfect
but you don’t know
what perfection is
ten notches
carved in my bones
getting caught up
on your fingers
as you run them
along tibia,
femur, pelvis
but the rest is smooth
and white
and oh so cold -
is perfection
to me.

take me down
to the river

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